Karma Fucks Back

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What is Karma Fucks Back about?

This question is quit easy to answer:
It is about making a statement. No matter if it’s for you or for somebody else. A statement that reminds all of us on how to treat people or things around us. With respect .

And that everything that you do will come back at you. No matter if it’s something good or bad.You can wear it to always remind yourself or to make people around you aware. Give it away as a gift or keep it.Sometimes it’s only for you – to calm down in situations that everybody has already got into, when you get angry or anoid – and do what’s best – leave the dirty work to Karma.

Karma Fucks Back is a statment and at the same time an output for your stories.
It’s always better to write an angry storie down and share it with others than to release this reaction immediately.

Karma Fucks Back is not a brand or a collection – it’s a statement .

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